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Terms and Conditions

Fox Travels shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage, howsoever caused or suffered by the Customer arising out of the use of taxi service offered by Fox Travels or due to the failure of Fox Travels to provide services to the Customer for any reason whatsoever including but not limited to the Customer’s non-compliance with the services’ recorded voice instructions, malfunction, partial or total failure of any network terminal, data processing system, computer tele-transmission or telecommunications system or other circumstances whether or not beyond the control of Fox Travels or any person or any organization involved in the above-mentioned systems.

Without prejudice to the above, Fox Travels shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage which may be suffered by the Customer as a result of any failure by Fox Travels to provide a taxi to the Customer within any stipulated time even if Fox Travels has agreed to provide the taxi or even if the Customer has advised Fox Travels of the possibility that any such loss or damage would result if the taxi is not provided at all or within the stipulated time.

Customer shall indemnify Fox Travels from and against and in respect of any or all liabilities, losses, charges, and expenses (including legal fees and costs on a full indemnity basis) claims, demands, actions, and proceedings which Fox Travels may incur or sustain directly or indirectly from or by any reason of or in relation to the use or proposed use of the Services by the Customer and shall pay such sums on demand

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