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When we started Fox travels Organization in 2006 there was the cyber world was not developed as it is now. The only advertising we used to get was word of mouth by the people who travelled with us in past. People used to spread good word of mouth about us. Customers used to reserve the cab for travel purposes before a year of their travel. They used to come directly to our office and book their taxi. We used to provide a landline number 08214257844 to get in touch with us.

If that phone rings, we would be pretty sure that it was to book a Bangalore to Mysore cab. We used to operate 5 taxis every day in 2006. But now 35 to 40 taxis operate from Bangalore to Mysore every day. The newly installed tires of our cabs traverse about 50000 kilometers; in that up to 40000 km’s would be the travel from Bangalore to Mysore itself. Almost 90% of our cabs commute between Bangalore and Mysore. Our executives raise about 45 trip sheets daily and about 30 of them will be for Bangalore to Mysore.

Our vehicles keep travelling to Bangalore daily, be it a one-way taxi service, Bangalore to Mysore round trip taxi services, or for any work-related purpose our vehicles are utilized. So you can imagine about our experience in operating Bangalore to Mysore cabs. We proudly declare ourselves as the best taxi package providers for Bangalore to Mysore.

Q.What is the best way to travel from Bangalore to Mysore?

Q. Is train available from Bangalore to Mysore?
Q. How many days are enough for Mysore?
Q.What is the distance between Bangalore to Mysore?

Bangalore to Mysore taxi Fare

We Indians have expertise when it comes to bargaining. Especially our women are so talented in bargaining that they purchase something new with the money they saved while bargaining.  We are so much used to people bargaining with us to get a lower price than others. Some companies cheat people by saying that they provide a cheaper price than the market price. They even make customers pay in advance and deceive them later.

Bangalore To Mysore Outstation Taxi Fare

Bangalore To Mysore Outstation TypeBangalore to Mysore Round Trip Cabs FareBangalore to Mysore Driver Charges Bangalore Mysore
Toll/ Parking
Indica - 4 Passenger 1 Driver9.00300.00Customer Side
Toyota Etios /Swift D’zire- 4 Passenger 1 Driver
11.00300.00Customer Side
Toyota Innova - 7 Passenger 1 Driver13.00300.00Customer Side
Force Tempo Traveller - 12 Passenger 1 Driver15.00400.00Customer Side

So we request to keep an eye on that issue and book the best taxis for the travel. We have set up meters in our cab, you can note the reading at your boarding point and while getting down you pay the fare only for the kilometers you have utilized. Till now fox travels agency has collected the fare which has been cited in our website. You will receive a confirmation message as soon as the booking is confirmed. Previously we used to provide confirmation via email. Nowadays confirmation messages are being sent through emails and WhatsApp messages. To have a hassle-free journey we record all the conversations that had happened between our customers and our fox travels executives till the end of your journey. This assures you will have no communication gap regarding the assigned price in your receipt.

Bangalore to Mysore

We will come across 2 districts and 5 taluk headquarters on the way from Bangalore to Mysore. Ramanagar and Mandya are the 2 districts and Kengeri, Bidadi, Channapattana, Maddur, and Srirangapattana are the taluks we get on the way. This route SH 17 will be of 3 hours of Journey. The journey on this route will be wonderful and exciting. During weekends mostly on Friday evenings and Saturday, early morning will have heavy traffic.

The reason behind this is most people from Bangalore depend on Mysore for their weekend getaway. Likewise, most of the Mysoreans working at Bangalore will be waiting eagerly for the weekend to return to Mysore. Whatever the means of transport they prefer; no one will ever forget to have a tea break at Maddur which is located between Mysore and Bangalore.

Q.What is the best way to travel from Bangalore to Mysore?

A.Amidst this COVID 19 pandemic WHO has suggested to avoid crowd gathering. Hence traveling through trains or buses is advisable. Therefore Fox travels have launched Bangalore to Mysore Cab Services to provide lower-priced and sanitized vehicles for travelers to travel from Bangalore to Mysore.
Q. Is train available from Bangalore to Mysore?
A. every day nearly 25 trains commute between Mysore and Bangalore. Some of them are super fast and some are Passenger trains. You can choose whichever seems best for you.

Q. How many days are required to Sightsee Mysore?
A. It takes about 3 days to completely cover Mysore. 1 day is needed for sightseeing within Mysore. 2nd day you can visit some places around Mysore City. On the 3rd day, you can opt for a day tour of Coorg or Ooty. If you want to travel with fox travels, we will give you every single detail about the places you’re going to visit. Just one call and we will make your 3 day’s trip and amazing one.

Q.What is the distance between Bangalore to Mysore?
A. Bangalore to Mysore distance is about 185 km’s and it takes about 3 and a half hours to reach Mysore. Mysore is about 145 km’s from Bangalore railway station and 2 hours 50 minutes journey is required to cover this distance. There is also a toll road called NICE is available to travel without any traffic with 2 or 3 km’s variation.


We have studied and mentioned below the things to do, places to visit, and bout the eateries you will find on the way from Bangalore to Mysore.

The first thing everyone will think about is food. You can have famous Bidadi tatte Idli, Maddur’s Maddur vada and Shivalli’s Kadubu. Coming to beverage you will savor Mandya’s sugarcane juice.

The sightseeing spots around here are Kokkarebellur, Madduramma temple in Maddur, Srirangapattana’s Tippu sultan palace, Sriranganathaswamy temple, Dariya Daulat Bagh, and a goddess Nimishamba get boon from her within minutes.

A little further from there Karighatta, Ranganatittu Bird Sanctuary can be visited. Taking a deviation from there you’ll come across Balamuri and Yedamuri falls. You will have provisions to swim here have some delicious fish cuisines. So here Fox travels are fully geared up to provide the cab according to your requirement.

Bangalore To Mysore Cab Services

We supply our vehicles for corporate companies and for personal usage as well.
Our drivers act like tour guides as well as safety guides for the travellers travelling to unknown destinations from Bangalore station. We consider our customers as our well-wishers. To have a fluent chat with the travelers our drivers are well capable to converse in multiple languages. We keep our vehicle’s document up to date and all the documents will be kept intact in our vehicle itself.

We have provided vehicles for the best price after understanding the affordability of the travelers. We do not charge a single penny more than the below-mentioned price. People who wish to travel in Bangalore or the city outskirts finish their taxi booking deal for a very minimal amount. People of all kinds can book our taxis and reserve them. We make an honest effort to provide new vehicles to our customers. Presently we are offering ac and non AC cabs. We do not contact any agents for the vehicles; all vehicles are owned by us.

Q.What is the cost of the Private Cabs from Bangalore to Mysore?
Q.What is the best way to travel from Bangalore to Mysore?
Q.Bangalore to Mysore By Taxi which road is better?
Q.covid-19 ಇರುವ ಕಾರಣ Bangalore To Mysore Taxi Services ನೀವು ಏನು ಮುನ್ನೆಚ್ಚರಿಕೆ ಕ್ರಮವನ್ನು ತೆಗೆದುಕೊಂಡಿದ್ದೀರಿ?

Bangalore to Mysore Tour Packages

Reserve fox travel’s weekend cab from Bangalore to Mysore. We organize excellent Bangalore to Mysore One day tours. You can utilize our cabs for either 1 or 2 days.

Mysore is considered the cultural and traditional capital of Karnataka state. Having pleasant weather and climate makes it a favorite place for tourists. We work hard to preserve its cleanliness and hygiene. The greenery and cleanliness of the city is a significant reason to attract the maximum number of customers every year.

Mysore has been renamed as Mysuru recently. It has its own significance and importance. Main among those is Mysore style arts and paintings, eateries, sweets, Traditional Mysore Peta, and Mysore silk sarees. Mysore is also popular for manufacturing traditional paintings, silks and sandalwood products, and sandalwood oil.

Mysore is also recognizing itself as an International center for Asthanga Yoga. To train their bodies in a traditional yoga method people from abroad choose Mysore. People can prefer Mysore to roam around magnificent palaces and colorful markets and get thrilled in the beauty of the city. Fox travels are waiting eagerly in order to introduce you to the Mysore city.

Q.What are the best tour packages from Bangalore to Mysore?
A. A short trip can be made from Bangalore to Mysore. It will start around 6 am and end the one day trip by 11 pm in Bangalore. Most of the People prefer Bangalore to Mysore Weekend trips. They stay one night at Sandalwood cradle. We recommend customers to choose for Bangalore to Mysore 2 days trip.

Q. What are the places you will cover if we book one day tour package from Bangalore to Mysore with you?
A. We at fox travels will give a list of 15 tourist spots of Mysore and succeed in covering all those spots one by one within the given span of time.

Q. Is your trained enough to drive from Bangalore to Mysore?
According to the google reviews of Fox travels, the drivers are responsible for our company’s success. Because of the drivers, our company’s fame has been lofted to sky level. If you go through the reviews you will get to see the behavior and patience of our drivers. They even act as a tour guide if necessary. We have appointed drivers who have 15 years of experience. Customers have praised this action of ours.

Q. What are the places we get to visit around Mysore?
The places that you are going to visit depend on the days that you choose to hire the vehicle. If you hire the cab for 1 day means the places to be visited would be limited. If you hire for 2 Days more number of places can be covered. All you have to do is just one thing, Whatsapp us and we will arrange a customized tour plan according to the number of days you require the cab.


We believe traveling from Bangalore to Mysore by car is really fantastic. Reserve a cab for this weekend. Travelling from Bangalore to Mysore takes about 3 hour’s journey. You can utilize this opportunity to discuss various matters with your loved ones. The driver we appoint will not listen to any of your conversations and he will concentrate on his driving and your safety. He dedicates his time to ensure your safety and manage the time. Time is a really important thing for everyone, especially to the people of Bangalore. People indulging in busy office work require a tour in order to relax.

If you get a friendly driver and a nice road your journey experience will be completely different. You transfer all your travel responsibility to us and travel from Bangalore to Mysore by car with relief. If anybody says this is their first-time travel to Mysore our responsibility increases. That’s because we’ll have to give thorough information about the Bangalore to Mysore tour and welcome them at Bangalore with all the friendliness and cordialness.

If you book Bangalore Airport to Mysore car rental we will provide car rental in a very economical price. Also for the ones who would to like from Bangalore to Mysore on a business or work-related purposes we offer cab service to their convenience and affordability.

Bangalore to Mysore Taxi For Round Trip

Fox travels have incomparable experience of 14 years in this field and we are still enthusiastic to learn new things. We will be growing much stronger in the upcoming days. Fox travels are considered as the best travel companion by the customers. Our travel agency will recommend to Bangalore’s and Mysore royal and exotic spots between Bangalore and Mysore. We wish to take our guests to some of the sensitive tourist spots. We have a proficient team of experts who are very friendly and they welcome you in person.

They are dedicated to providing good service and offers to our customers. We are geared up to provide you with cultural or adventurous, religious, or ayurvedic tours more than you had intended to visit in the beginning. We will pick you up from any place in Bangalore city, take you to all the places you like to visit, and drop at the place you desire.