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Nestled 120 kilometers from Mysore, Coorg stands as Karnataka’s most opulent hill station—a haven for those seeking respite amidst breathtaking landscapes, lush vegetation, and the charm of coffee and spice farms. To make this journey more enjoyable, opting for a Mysore to Coorg Taxi is the perfect choice. We unravel the magic of Mysore to Coorg taxi services, promising a ride and an exploration filled with comfort, curiosity, and a dash of luxury where each moment is a verse etched in the heart forever.

We understand the challenges of travel planning, so our streamlined Mysore to Coorg Cab services aim to alleviate the hassles of organizing lodging, meals, and transportation. Experience the joy of impromptu detours to hidden gems, adding a spontaneous and memorable touch to your stress-free trip in the tranquil landscapes of Coorg.

As you leave the cultural tapestry of Mysore behind, the road to Coorg becomes a narrative written by nature herself. The wheels of the taxi glide over roads that seem to dance with the rhythm of the wind, taking you through landscapes that evoke a sense of awe and wonder. 

From hatchbacks to Tempo Travellers, our fleet is a testament to innovation, ensuring your journey is as unique as you are. Beyond punctuality and reliability, our commitment to professionalism sets a new standard in the transportation industry. From meticulously maintained vehicles to courteous and knowledgeable drivers, we take pride in exceeding expectations at every turn. 

Are you ready to transform your Mysore to Coorg journey into a saga of exploration and delight? Book your Mysore to Coorg taxi packages now and step into a world where every journey is an experience, and every destination is a discovery.

Mysore To Coorg Taxi Fare

Discover Coorg’s Tranquil Beauty with Our Transparent Mysore to Coorg Taxi Fare

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a group, choose from our range of sedans, SUVs, or spacious vehicles. Our customer support team is readily available 24/7 to make your booking process fast, reliable, and accurate as per your needs. At Fox Travels, transparency is our cornerstone. Our Mysore to Coorg taxi fare is meticulously structured, with no hidden costs. Experience peace of mind as you enjoy a straightforward pricing model, ensuring that you get value for every penny spent.


Cabs In Mysore

Ideal for urban escapades and swift getaways, our hatchbacks are nimble and fuel-efficient. Navigate through city traffic with ease, park effortlessly, and enjoy the agility that a hatchback brings to your driving experience. Perfect for solo travelers or small families seeking an efficient and zippy ride.


Car rental in Mysore

For those who appreciate a touch of sophistication in their journey, our sedans offer elegance and comfort. With spacious interiors, advanced features, and a smooth ride, our sedans are designed to make every trip a refined experience. Whether it’s a business meeting or a leisurely drive, our sedans deliver style and substance.


One Way Cabs

Venture off the beaten path with our robust SUVs, built to conquer diverse terrains. From winding mountain roads to challenging trails, our SUVs provide a commanding presence and a comfortable ride. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a family looking to explore the great outdoors, our SUVs are ready for the adventure.

Tempo Traveler

Tempo Traveller Rental in MysoreFor larger groups or events, our tempo travelers are the perfect choice. With seating for up to 12 passengers, these vehicles are spacious, comfortable, and equipped with amenities to ensure a pleasant journey. Whether it’s a family reunion, corporate outing, or special celebration, our tempo travelers cater to your group travel needs.

Mini Bus

Planning a group outing or a family vacation? Our minibusses offer spacious interiors, ample seating, and a sociable atmosphere for everyone on board. Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles, and enjoy the journey together in our comfortable minibusses designed for group travel with convenience in mind.

Tourist attractions of Coorg

In the heart of the Western Ghats lies Coorg, a sanctuary where nature weaves verses of serenity and magic. 

Abbey Falls: A Cascade of Dreams

Behold the ethereal Abbey Falls, where water dances down the rocks like liquid poetry. The air is filled with the melody of falling water, and as you stand before this natural marvel, you can almost feel the heartbeat of the Earth.

Raja’s Seat: Where Sunset Whispers to the Hills

As the day draws to a close, Raja’s Seat invites you to witness a spectacle that transcends time. Perched on the edge of a cliff, this vantage point offers panoramic views of the sun bidding adieu to the hills, leaving behind hues of amber and rose as a farewell gift to the day.

Dubare Elephant Camp: A Symphony of Gentle Giants

Immerse yourself in the gentle rhythm of nature at Dubare Elephant Camp. Here, elephants are not just visitors but cherished companions. Witness the harmonious bond between these majestic creatures and their caretakers, and perhaps, feel a connection that goes beyond words.

Talakaveri: Birthplace of Serenity

Journey to Talakaveri, the birthplace of the river Kaveri. The air is filled with a sacred serenity as if the very essence of life flows through the land. Stand at the Brahmagiri Peak and let the spiritual energy of this place weave a tapestry of connection between heaven and earth.

Nagarhole National Park: Where Wilderness Roars

In the heart of Coorg lies Nagarhole National Park, a sanctuary where the wild whispers secrets of the forest. The elusive tigers, playful elephants, and a symphony of birds create a canvas of biodiversity that captivates the heart and soul.

Madikeri Fort: Echoes of History

Step back in time as you explore the ancient walls of Madikeri Fort. Each stone, weathered by centuries, holds tales of kings and conquerors. The panoramic views from the fort offer a glimpse into the storied past, where echoes of history resonate through the lush hills.

Bylakuppe: A Slice of Tibet in Coorg

Journey to Bylakuppe, the second-largest Tibetan settlement in India. Here, monasteries rise as spiritual sentinels and prayer flags flutter in the breeze. As you explore the vibrant culture and peaceful monastic life, feel the connection between Coorg and the timeless wisdom of Tibet.

Why Choose Fox Travels

Innovative Fleets:- From sleek and comfortable Hatchback to spacious Tempo Traveler, we offer a diverse range of vehicles to cater to your unique travel requirements. Travel in style and comfort, our innovative cabs from Mysore to Coorg are designed to elevate your journey. 

Tailored Packages for Your Needs:- Recognizing that every traveler is unique, we offer customizable Mysore to Coorg cab packages to suit your preferences. Whether you’re planning a quick day trip or an extended stay, our flexible packages cater to your specific requirements, ensuring a personalized and memorable journey.

Professionally Trained Drivers:- Safety is paramount, and our professional drivers are the embodiment of this commitment. Beyond their driving expertise, they are well-versed with the Mysore to Coorg route, ensuring a secure and enjoyable journey. 

Transparent Pricing, No Surprises:- Our transparent pricing model ensures that you know exactly what you are paying for. The Mysore to Coorg taxi fare is competitively priced, reflecting our commitment to providing excellent value for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Stress-free booking:- Booking with us is as easy as enjoying a scenic view. Our friendly team allows you to confirm your taxi quickly, leaving you more time to anticipate the wonders that await you in Coorg.

Various methods of Payment:- We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to payment. That’s why we offer various methods to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer the ease of digital payments, credit cards, or traditional cash transactions, we’ve got you covered. Choose the method that aligns with your convenience and enjoy a hassle-free payment experience.

Amazing Savings, Deals, and Discounts:- Your journey with us is not just a ride; it’s an opportunity to save. Avail yourself of our amazing savings, deals, and discounts, designed to make your travel not only convenient but also cost-effective. Our exclusive deals are available throughout the year and add an extra layer of joy to your journey.


  1. If we hire cabs from Mysore to Coorg with you, how will your driver be fed and housed?
  2. Our cab services ensure that our drivers are well taken care of during trips from Mysore to Coorg. They are provided with meals and accommodation as part of our commitment to their comfort and well-being throughout the journey.
  3. Is it safe to travel by road from Mysore to Coorg?
  4. Yes, the road journey from Mysore to Coorg is generally considered safe. However, like any travel, it’s essential to follow basic safety precautions, including using reliable transportation services and adhering to traffic rules for a secure and enjoyable trip.
  5. How far is Coorg from Mysore?
  6. Coorg is approximately 107 kilometers (66 miles) away from Mysore. It takes 2.30 hours to

go by car from Mysore to Madikeri, the capital of Coorg, traveling through Hunsur, Periyapattana, Kushalnagar, and Suntikoppa on NH 275.

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