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Mysore Car Rentals, Rent A Car in Mysore

Looking for Car rental in Mysore. We are here to help you. Mysore city is one of the old and heritage city that is famous for palaces and Dussera festivals that leave an everlasting impression and blow on the mind of its visitors. It is also the cultural capital of Karnataka.

Should you need to go in and around the city, the best things is to rent a car in Mysore as it is very affordable, easily available and time saving. So take the advantage of our car rental service in Mysore to have fun in visiting, palace, shopping, or even for your personal purpose.

Fox Travel is one of the oldest and trusted car rental companies in Mysore. You can get different types of car/cab including Tata Indica, Etios Liva (Hatchback), Sedan (Etios, Maruti Dizer, Tata Indigo, Nissan Sunny), all SUV (Innova, Travera), and Tempo traveller.

All of our drivers are well behaved, and experienced. Our drivers having minimum of 7 to 8 yrs of experience and well acquainted with local. Vehicles are neat and clean, and well marinated and free from insects. Our cars are new, in the sense, we do not keep cars those are older than 2 yrs. We have both AC and non-AC.

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Mysore Local Car Rental Charges

Car TypeSeating4 Hrs /40Km’s in INR8 Hrs / 80Km’s in INRLocal use(Mysore) & 10 Hrs / 100 Km’s in INRExtra Km’s in INRExtra Hours in INR
Indica 4+1700.001200.001500.008.0080.00
Toyota Etios Liva A/C4+1800.001300.001600.008.0080.00
Swift D’zire A/C4+1900.001300.001600.0010.00100.00
Toyota Etios A/C4+1900.001300.001600.0010.00100.00
Nissan Sunny A/C4+11000.001400.001800.0010.00100.00
Tavera A/C8+100.001600.001900.0011.00100.00
Innova A/C7+100.002400.002700.0014.00120.00
Tempo Traveller A/C12+100.002500.002800.0016.00150.00

Mysore Outstation Car Rental Charges

Taxi Type Seating 4 Hrs /40Km’s in INR8 Hrs / 80Km’s in INRLocal use(Mysore) & 10 Hrs / 100 Km’s in INRExtra Km’s in INRExtra Hours in INRAllowance per day(Local) in INROutstation rate / 250 Km’s in INRDriver Batta(Out station) in INROut Station Limit
Indica Non A/C
4+1700.001400.001600.007.5080.00100.007.50250.00250 Km’s
Indica A/C
4+1750.001500.001700.008.5080.00100.008.00250.00250 Km’s
Toyota Etios Liva Non A/C4+1750.001500.001700.007.5080.00100.007.50250.00250 Km’s
Toyota Etios Liva A/C4+1850.001600.001750.008.5080.00100.008.50250.00250 Km’s
TATA Indigo
Non A/C
4+1850.001500.001700.009.0080.00100.009.00250.00250 Km’s
TATA Indigo A/C4+1900.001500.001800.009.0080.00100.009.50250.00250 Km’s
Non A/C
4+1850.001500.001700.009.0080.00100.009.00250.00250 Km’s
Logan/Verito A/C4+1900.001500.001800.009.0080.00100.009.50250.00250 Km’s
Indigo Manza Non A/C4+1850.001500.001700.009.0080.00100.009.00250.00250 Km’s
Indigo Manza A/C4+1900.001500.001800.009.0080.00100.009.50250.00250 Km’s
Ford Ikon Non A/C4+1850.001500.001700.009.0080.00100.009.00250.00250 Km’s
Ford Ikon A/C4+1900.001500.001800.009.0080.00100.009.50250.00250 Km’s
Swift D’zire
Non A/C
4+1800.001600.001800.008.5080.00100.008.50250.00250 Km’s
Swift D’zire A/C4+1900.001800.001900.009.5080.00100.0010.00250.00250 Km’s
Toyota Etios
Non A/C
4+1800.001600.001800.008.5080.00100.008.50250.00250 Km’s
Toyota Etios A/C4+1900.001300.001900.009.50
80.00100.0010.00250.00250 Km’s
Renault Scala A/C4+11100.001700.002000.0011.00100.00100.0011.00250.00250 Km’s
Nissan Sunny A/C4+11100.001700.002000.0011.00100.00100.0011.00250.00250 Km’s
Maruti Ciaz A/C4+11100.001700.002000.0011.00100.00100.0011.00250.00250 Km’s
TOYOTA Corolla A/C4+11200.001900.002100.0012.00100.00100.0012.00250.00250 Km’s
Tavera Non A/C9+11800.002000.009.00100.00100.0010.0300.00250 Km’s
Tavera A/C9+11700.001900.0010.00100.00100.0011.00300.00250 Km’s
Mahindra Xylo Non A/C7+12000.0011.00100.00100.0010.50300.00250 Km’s
Mahindra Xylo A/C7+12200.0012.00100.00100.0012.00300.00250 Km’s
Maruti Ertiga A/C7+12200.0012.00100.00100.0012.00300.00250 Km’s
Innova A/C7+12800.0014.00100.00100.0014.00300.00250 Km’s
Innova DLX A/C6+12800.0014.00100.00100.0014.00300.00250 Km’s
Tempo Traveller
Non A/C
12+12850.0013.00150.00150.0014.00350.00300 Km’s
Tempo Traveller A/C12+13100.0015.00150.00150.0016.00350.00300 Km’s
Non A/C
22.00200.00200.0022.00300.00300 Km’s
18+14000.0026.00200.00200.0026.00300.00300 Km’s
Swaraj Mazda Non A/C21+14200.0025.00200.00200.0025.00300.00300 Km’s
Mini Bus Non A/C31+16000.0035.00200.00200.0035.00500.00300 Km’s
Non A/C
36.00300.00300.0042.00500.00300 Km’s
Non A/C
52+19000.0038.00300.00300.0040.00500.00300 Km’s