Places to Visit in Mysore in 1 Day

  • Places to Visit in Mysore in 1 Day
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Places to Visit in Mysore in 1 Day

As the day passes by there are lot to do to spend time in Mysore. There is a hill where Chamundi Devi is located, ancient buildings of Maharaja’s time are here. Parks, where you can speak with birds, exist here. Natural Kaveri River is here for swimming lovers. Wonders like Mysore Food Street to eat are here in Mysore. We have initiated this adventure of covering all these in one day. The first question asked by tourists coming to Mysore is at what time your one day trip begins? And more people ask whether we will show all the places in one day.

Even shopping, swimming can be done besides 15 tourists’ spots, Tiffin and lunch at famous hotels can be done in Mysore in one day. Mysore one day trip can be planned methodically. There are no restrictions on the time, and according to the convenience of the tourists, one day trip can be customized

1 Day Tour Itinerary From Mysore One day Trip ( Tour Start And End Mysore By Car / Taxi)

Mysore is a city that speaks and breathes royal heritage. With a history of more than 400 years, it’s the ‘Cultural Capital of Karnataka’. The age-old rulers of Mysore – The Wodeyars, have graced the city with some of the most beautiful palaces. These palaces are world-renowned and have held the pride of Mysore for generations. Tourists across the globe are in awe of these magnificent palaces.


The city of Mysore is also blessed with beautiful landscapes all around. There are hills, lakes, gardens, and a bird sanctuary as well. And if that’s not all… Mysore is also home to some of the most unique museums in the world.


With such a variety of spots, one often wonders… How to plan a one day trip to Mysore? Where to get the best Mysore one day tour package? Is it possible to cover all the places to visit in Mysore in one day?


We, at Fox Travels, have the ultimate itinerary for your one day trip to Mysore. Enjoy the hassle-free experience by opting for our Mysore one day tour package.


Itinerary at a glance:

  • Full day Mysore sightseeing in private cab/taxi.
  • Total duration of the tour: 11hrs
    • Pick-up Time:
    • Drop Time:
  • Sightseeing spots covered (sequentially)*: Chamundi Hills→ Sand Museum→ Wax Museum→ Karanji Lake→ Mysore Zoo→ Mysore Palace→ Jaganmohan Palace→ St.Philomena’s Church→ Srirangapatna Sightseeing→ Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace→ Bird Sanctuary→ Brindavan Garden KRS

●       Inclusions:

  • Pickup and Drop service to your Hotel/Home in Mysore
  • Vehicle hire and driver tariff
  • Parking charges
  • Toll charges

●       Exclusions:

  • Meal expenses during the Mysore one day trip
  • Entry charges at the sightseeing points
  • Guide charges (if hired) at the sightseeing points
  • Lodging and Accommodation
  • Vehicle beyond the mentioned time duration of the tour package


*Guests can either visit all of the mentioned points or choose to exclude any of them as per their interest. Additional sightseeing spots will be chargeable extra.


What’s special about places to visit in Mysore?

Let’s take a closer look at each of the places to visit in Mysore in one day:


Tour Timings

Sightseeing spots

Timing and Entry Fees

Visit Duration

What to see?

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Chamundi Hills 7am to 2pm; 4pm to 8pm

Free Entry (Special Entry Rs.100)

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

Located 13kms away from Mysore, Chamundi Hills is believed to be the home of goddess Chamundeshwari. At the top is the Chamundeshwari Temple which can be reached by climbing 1008 stone stairs.

Statue of Mahishasura (Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

Along the way to reach the temple, you can spot a magnificent statue of Mahishasura – the Asura king of Mysore. Goddess Durga fought Mahishasura, which brought Mahishasura’s demise. It’s also believed that this epic mythological battle took place in the hills.

Nandi statue and temple (Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

Reach to the 700th step, and you’ll find a statue of Nandi. Believed to be Lord Shiva’s bull, Nandi is considered as a holy vehicle. Many tourists and devotees admire offer prayers in front of this marvelous monolith.

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Sand Museum 9am to 5:30pm

Entry Fees: Rs.40

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

The Sand Museum is the epitome of creative and artistic brilliance. Here you’d find around 150 sand sculptures. The star highlight of the sand museum is a 15-feet tall statue of Lord Ganesh at the entrance.

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Wax Museum 9am to 5:30pm

Entry Fees: Rs.40

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

Popularly known as the Melody Wax Museum, it’s a must-visit site for music enthusiasts. The museum hosts over 300 instruments in 19 galleries. You get to play these instruments as well.

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Karanji Lake 9am to 5:30pm

Entry Fees: Rs.60

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

Karanji lake has the largest walk-through aviary in India. One would enjoy leisure walks and birdwatching around it. A must-visit attraction is a Butterfly Park

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Mysore Zoo 9am to 5:30pm

Entry Fees: Rs.100

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

Mysore Zoo is one of the largest and oldest in India. Spread across 64 hectares, you can spot many wild animals like brown bear, sloth bear, brown lemur, Nilgiri langur, chimpanzee, orangutan, and tiger.

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Mysore Palace 9am to 5:30pm

Entry Fees: Rs.100

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

The Amba Vilas Palace (Mysore Maharaja Palace), is the official residence of Wodeyars, the royal family of Mysore. Admire the perfect blend of Hindu, Islamic, Rajput, and Gothic architecture style aesthetic of the palace. Out of the many special events organized here is the Dusshera festival. The palace is lit up brightly and several cultural programs are organized as well. It’s definitely a must-include place to visit in Mysore.

Lunch Break
(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Jaganmohan Palace (Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

The Jaganmohan Palace is the epitome of architectural excellence in Mysore. Historically, the palace served as an alternate residence for the royal family. You also get to visit the world-famous Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) St. Philomena’s Church 8am to 7:30pm

Free Entry

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

One of the most visited tourist spots in Mysore is the St. Philomena’s Church. It’s also the second tallest church in Asia. This church was constructed to pay homage to Saint Philomena and stands as an example of religious harmony that exists in Mysore. The best view of the church is under the evening sky.

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Srirangapatna Sightseeing Timing: 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Free Entry

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

The next spot in the list of places to visit in Mysore in one day is Srirangapatna, located about 16 kms away from Mysore. The specialty of this place is river Cauvery flowing around this small town, as if it’s an island. Built in the 9th century, the famous Aadiranga Sriranganathaswamy temple is here. There is no entry fee to this place.

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace 9am to 5:30pm

Entry Fees: Rs.30

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

Also referred to as the “Abode of Happiness” and  “Rash-e-Jannat” meaning “Envy of Heaven”, this was the summer residence of the valiant ruler of Mysore – Tipu Sultan. Lately, a small part of the fort has also been converted into a museum showcasing various events of the life and times of Tipu Sultan. You’d feel as if you have entered a different place and a different era altogether. Tourists enjoy the vibe of serenity this palace offers.

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary 10am to 5:30pm

Entry Fees: Rs.60

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is located on the banks of the river Cauvery. Some of the birds that you can spot here are Shag, White Ibis, Little Egret, Open-Billed Stork, Spoonbills, Painted Stork, Heron, Great Stone Plover, Kingfisher, River Tern, etc. Visitors can enjoy guided boat rides and catch glimpses of Crocodiles, Bats, and Otters along with the birds.

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan) Brindavan Garden KRS 10am to 8:30pm

Entry Fees: Rs.80

(Please suggest timings as per your tour plan)

Undoubtedly, one of the finest terrace gardens in the world -The Brindavan Garden is the last destination of your itinerary. Along with boating, and manicured grass with flower beds; you must attend the light and sound fountain show.


There’s so much to admire and appreciate all of these places! However, if you feel short of time, we can customize our Mysore One Day Trip for you. With us, you get to choose which places to visit in Mysore in one day.


Plan your Mysore one-day trip with us!


While you immerse yourself in the aura of Mysore, we will ensure your traveling is safe and relaxed.


Choose your desired vehicle from our fleet and travel with the best taxi services in Mysore. With all our cabs there comes a promise of cleanliness and punctuality.


Book Your Mysore One Day Tour Package Today


Mysore One Day Tour Packages Itinerary 


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Mysore Group Local Tour Packages By Bus
Mysore One Day Group Tour Itinerary

Hey there! We are organizing the group tours for Mysore sightseeing in one day starting from Mysore city. The group tour departs from the nearest hotel in Mysore to visit Jaganmohan Palace, Chamundi Hills, Mahishasura Statue and Nandi. While returning visit Lalith Mahal Palace view point, Mysore Zoo and Ambavilas Palace.

After brief time of lunch break move to visit Srirangapatna, Ranganathaswamy temple, Tipu Old Palace, Tippu’s death place, Jamia Masjid, Daria Daulat Bagh, KRS and Brindavan Garden and finally drop back to Mysore city. So altogether about 12 sightseeing places in and around Mysore city will be covered in One Day at just Rs.299/- per person.


Chamundeshwari Temple

We begin our day by having a spiritual experience at the famous Goddess Chamundeshwari temple. She is the goddess of the city and believed to overlook the city from the top of the hill.  Nothing better can be the start of the day to delve into the serenity of the temple.


Mahishasur Statue

Along with the temple, there is a magnificent statue of mahishasur statue which will surely not cease you to wonder in splendid built of the statue.


Nandi Bull Temple

Another famous shrine located at Chamundi hill is Nandi, The Lord Shiva’s bull. The wonderful statue of Nandi which makes sure it is no place to be left out.


Sand Museum

Heading out from spiritual places, we head to an inspiring one. Next in line of our tour is a sand museum. This museum, unlike most museums, is privately owned by an artist. It is a beautiful display of hard work that went into it.  This gallery depicts awe-inspiring display of various themes like from Indian history, mythology and even present day.


Wax Museum

Our adoration towards artists was still enchanting us but there is more to see. Our next halt is yet another museum, wax museum. This museum is big with over 19 galleries and over 110 personalities from various fields of arts, music, humanities. It also depicts the life of Mysore in the past. We made sure you were inspired enough to start back afresh when you go back.


Karanji Lake

Nature is beautiful and we make sure you have most of it on our trip. For this, we take you to the famous Karanji lake. Karanji lake has a beautiful walk through aviary full of colorful butterflies. It’s a treat to body and mind visiting this lake.



Mysore zoo

Next stop in our trip lets you experience wilderness in the amazing Mysore zoo. This zoo is spread of 64 hectares. It has all the animals you can name and also ones you cannot name. It’s a one-stop for beautiful birds to fierce animals.  From rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffe, lemur, monkey to fierce predatory one’s Lions, Tiger, and Cobra.


Mysore Palace

After wilderness, to make sure you make most of your day we take you to experience royalty at Mysore palace. Mysore palace is resident of royals of Mysore, which they have left open for visitors to know more about traditions and royalty of Mysore. It’s a paradise for history enthusiasts and can keep them engaged for hours.

Lunch Break

By this time it will be noon and we stop for filling our hungry stomach. We have lunch before we head further on our exciting trip.


Jaganmohan Palace

If you were thinking royalty at Mysore palace was limited in time and place, our next stop Jaganmohan palace which is a pretty interesting gallery now. See paintings and their variations under the influence of different rulers. It shows a spectacular display of culture from Mughals to Shantiniketan.


St Philomena’s Church

At our next stop experience the grandeur of Asia’s tallest church, St Philomena’s church. Built in beautiful neo-gothic architectural styles, this church encompasses painted glass that shows illustrations of various life events of Christ.


Srirangapatna Temple

Further, we take you to Sightseeing the beautifully built Srirangapatna temple, dedicated to the manifestation of Lord Vishnu. It is ethereal and never ceases to enchant visitors. Pillars outside the temple have the drawings of 24 forms of Vishnu. It will spellbind the devotees of Lord Vishnu.


Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Moving forward we visit Tipu sultan’s summer palace. Visitors can appreciate the indo-islamic architectural style and floral motifs embellishing the walls of the palace.


Ranganathittu, Bird Sanctuary

Before moving to our final position, we visit a bird sanctuary. It has over 150 species of birds. This sanctuary is full of chirps from a variety of birds which are lesser whistling duck to stork-billed kingfisher.


Brindavan Garden ( KRS )

We end our day at beautiful sunset at Brindavan gardens built beside KRS dam. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset and later amazing light and sound show.

Discover the heritage and culture of Mysore, Experience the beauty and wilderness of nature all with us. With all places to visit in Mysore in one day, we leave you enchanted and refreshed. We make sure you head start your life inspired and motivated.



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