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Mysore Tour Packages

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Mysore takes its name from the mythical ‘Mahisuru’ , associated with demon mahishasura who was slained by the goddess mahishasuramardini, the patron goddess of the city. The Mysore’s Wodiyar dynasty was founded by Yaduraya in 1399 who along with his brother krishnaraya had moved from Gujarat and married the princess Devajammanni at Hadinaru on the ouyskirts of Mysore. Until the mid 16th century, Mysore was foundatory of Vijayanagara Empire.

With the fall of Vijayanagara in 1565 the Wodiyars of Mysore declared their independence. In 1610, Raja Wodiyar ascended the throne in srirangapatna that was then the capital, from where he and his descendents continued to rule until Independence in 1947apart from brief period between 1761 – 1799. During this period Haider Ali and his son Tipu Sultan were the defecto rulers.

The unprecedented expansion of the Mysore kingdom under them came to an end with the killing of Tipu in a fierce battle with British at Srirangapatna in1799. Thereafter the British installed the five year prince Krishnaraya Wodiyar as the king of Mysore. Soon thereafter the seat of Government shifted to Mysore and the successive reigns marked a prosperous time for this princely state the covered almost one third of present day Karnataka.


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