Subramanya is a small village, deep in the forests bordering the Western Ghats about 105 km from Mangalore in the state of Karnataka, in southern India.It is a pilgrim center in the Sullia Taluk in South Kanara district, believed to be the abode of Subramanya, the second son of Lord Shiva who has more power in removing the bad and malefic effects of planet and also solving sarpa shanthi. The Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is located in the heart of the village.

Pilgrims going to Kukke Subrahmanya Temple in Subrahmanya have to cross the Kumaradhara River. They take a holy bath in the river and then go on to the temple to have darshan in que. There is also another river called the Darpana theertha which flows just behind the temple. Legend says those who does the prayer with good heart and believe god will really help them for solving all the problems.

The belief is that Vasuki and other snakes took refuge under God Subrahmanya in the caves at Subramanya. Here God Subrahmanya is worshipped as a snake. This is the god’s divine power.