Things To Do In Ooty

Things To Do In Ooty, Places To Visit In Ooty

May 12, 2018

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Things To Do In Ooty Someone very rightly quoted, “to travel is to live”. Traveling indeed holds immense importance in everyone’s lives. It does not only brings you an opportunity to meet new people, culture, and tradition. Also, it creates memories. Memories to cherish for a lifetime. One such eminent city to visit fromMysore Ooty Tour Packages a tourism point of view is Ooty. The perfect Ooty weather is what compels you to visit this beautiful place again and again. We Are Start From Mysore To Ooty And Bangalore Mysore Ooty Packages

Wondering about the things to do in Ooty which is often known as the “Queen of hill stations?” There are a wide variety of places to visit in Ooty. With several 5 star hotels in Ooty, your stay would be a comfortable and memorable one.

A sneak peek at things to do in Ooty-

1. A ride with the Nilgiri toy train

Grab your rucksack and get ready to begin the most soothing things to do in Ooty. Get the perfect view of Ooty resorts and Ooty via the famous toy train. This toy train drops you all the way till Coonoor. You can experience the fantastic scenery combined with the beautiful ride of the toy train.

2. How about boating in Pykara Lake?

Another best set of things to do in Ooty is boating in Pykara lake and dam. Trending speed boating is one of the fascinating things to do in Ooty. Experience amazing boating amidst Ooty hill station.

3. A visit to Botanical Garden in Ooty

One of the significant tourist places in Ooty is the Botanical garden. It covers an area of more than 22 acres of land. With a minimal amount of INR 30, the botanical garden was built in the year 1847. Inside the garden, you would find a gateway that opens to over a thousand species of flowers.

4. A visit to the Deer Park

Another center of attraction in Ooty is a visit to the Deer Park; one must not miss visiting the home for Sambar Deer species. Deer Park is one kilometer away from the Ooty lake which does not even count any entry fee.

5. The Green shop

One must not miss visiting the fair trade run by Katagiri’s Keystone Foundation. It is famous for selling clothes and amazing tribal crafts. The Green Shop also sells wild honey harvested by local indigenous farmers.

6. The Mariamman Temple

For all the theists out there, the Mariamman Temple is the best place to explore in Ooty. It is considered to be one of the perfect places for inner peace and rejuvenation. The sacred place is named after the goddess of Rain. Of all the tourist places in Ooty, it is the most popular temple of the city.

7. Wax World Museum

If you are exploring some unique things to do in Ooty then visiting the Wax Museum is an option for you. It has a variety of wax statues like that of Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, and others. With a nominal fee, the museum is open from 9 am to 8 pm.

8. The divine view of Catherine Waterfall

The Ooty tourism offers you an excellent view of the Catherine Waterfalls. Of all the most beautiful things to do in Ooty, this double stream waterfall is one of the major attractions.

9. Some fun stuff in the Thunder World

Are you planning out a trip with your little ones? Or even if you are a person who enjoys these fun stuff, then the Thunder world is one of the apt places for you. Of all the places to visit in Ooty, Thunder World brings you a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy at peak. One other memorable things that can be done here is trying out the boating, moving dinosaurs, haunted house, and much more.

10. Visiting the Shooting Point

Were you looking for a place that brings you utmost confinement and peace? Well, here it is the magnificent view of the shooting point that empowers the perfect place to sit, write, gather thoughts, and cherish the beauty of nature.

A final word-


We mentioned a list of things to do in Ooty. From enjoying the toy train ride to commencing the divine of Catherine Waterfalls. Ooty is one of the perfect places to explore in India. When are you planning to visit this magnificent place? Do let us know so that we could help you out in planning a memorable trip to this amazing city of Ooty.