Things To Do In Coorg

Things To Do In Coorg

May 4, 2018

What To Do In Coorg, Places To Visit In Coorg

Coorg or the Scotland of India is yet another irresistible spot in the tour list of travellers. Coorg packages from Bangalore are one of the most indispensable packages for jaunting. Have you been wondering about the things to do in Coorg? Well, it’s time to pause all your questionings, for you have landed to the very right page.

Do you put yourself on the list of adventurous, sporty, and fun loving people? Yes? Then Hey! You must look in for the Coorg packages from Bangalore. Having been through all the bunch of things to do in Coorg, no experience in the world can match your joy and pleasure at the same time.

Are you still making up your mind for how to plan Coorg trip? With the ever pleasant Coorg weather; the fragrance of coffee beans and the adventurous stuff turns out to be one of the memorable trips.

A sneak peek at things to do in Coorg :

  1. How about camping under stars?The feeling of spending your night in camp would compel you to forget about the hotels in Coorg. The Votecad, Gonikoppal, and Chelavara Falls are the best places to pitch your tent.
  2. Jeep Safari to the Off Beaten Trails
    Jeep safaris are probably one of the adventurous things in Coorg. You can experience the impeccable natural beauty of Coorg viz. the 4WD safari. Few of the places that you must visit are Nishani Hills in Madhanad, Mallali Waterfalls at Mahadev Pette, Mandalpatti at Thimmaiah Circle Madikeri, and Kabbe Hills at Madikeri.
  1. Don’t miss out the trekking fun!
    There is no way of missing out the complete fun. A trip to Coorg is incomplete without trekking. No matter you go for an offbeat trekking trail or a popular trekking trail, both of them have their pleasure in them. Trekking is one of the most important things to do in Coorg, and you must not forget listing in your to-do-list!

        Chelavara Falls; Brahmagiri Hill Trek; Kumar Parvatha Trek; Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary; Nishani Motte; Abbi Falls;      Tadiandamol Trek; Votecad and Pushpagiri Trek are said to be one of the best trekking places in Coorg.

    4. Experience sightseeing viz Microlight Flight in Coorg
 When you are visiting Coorg, you must not miss the exceptional; super-fun adventurous sport popular by the name of Microlight Flight. Microlight flight brings you the best and most different way of sightseeing.Imagine the fun of flying at the height of 5,000 feet for 30 minutes and getting the most exotic natural view. There is no denying the fact; it would be one of your best experiences when going through your Coorg photo albums.

5. Would you mind relaxing in the Ayurvedic spa?

A relieving massage midst the greenery would bring you to better pretexts in order to stay in Coorg. The expensive spas in salons can never match the level of relaxation in the spas of this lovely city. It has numerous spa centres throughout its surroundings. It is highly recommended to visit one of these spa centres after all your adventurous tours.

6. A day worth travelling around the Chikli Hole

If you are the greatest fan of nature and love to watch natural habitat, then you would love watching out the Cows eating fresh green grass. It is indeed the perfect place for a long walk or picnic. Moreover, there is a hidden Shiva temple somewhere around, which is only known to the locals. Exploring this temple is fun.

7. Explore Madikeri

Medikeri is yet another town to be explored, with coolest museums ever. The city also has a royal fort. Our Coorg packages from Bangalore include wandering around the ancient Mediker.

8. Taste the exotic Coffee as a part of your Coorg packages from Bangalore

For all the Coffee lovers out there, Coorg is the fascinating place when talking about the soothing fragrance of coffee beans all around.

9. Taste the Bylakuppe | Tibetan awesomeness

Have you ever come across the fact that the second most significant Tibetan colony lies in Karnataka? Moreover, of all the places to visit in Coorg, it is excellent to explore the new culture and meet people amidst of all the curry and rice. It is fun in discovering the Tibetan Hairstylists, markets, dresses and a lot more stuff.

10.  The royal drive through Mandalpatti.

Who in the world would ever resist the so tempting royal ride all the way through Mandalpatti? The exotic view of the Western Ghats is something that makes your day.

So, the next time you plan out for some trip, you must not miss going through the Coorg packages from Bangalore.