Mysore To Balmuri One Day Trip

Balmuri and Edmuri waterfalls are two small beautiful waterfalls, located 3 kms off the Mysore to the KRS (Krishna Raja Sagara) main road. The place where the Balmuri and Edmuri waterfalls are located is surrounded by lush greenery and is a hot spot among the locals as well. A visit to this place is calming and relaxing.

Balmuri and Edmuri waterfalls are a hot-spot for students and nature lovers and weekend getaway hunters from Mysore and Bangalore. Balmuri falls is the famous of the two and many Indian movies have used this location to shoot song and dance sequences.

Technically, Balmuri and Edmuri waterfalls are not actually waterfalls. It is mostly flowing water of the Kaveri. At a particular spot in the Balmuri, there is step of about 6 feet from which is created the effect of a mini-waterfall.

The intensity of visitors is not great during the dry season (March to August) and it is relatively safe to enjoy playing in the water here.


Mysore To Balmuri and Edmuri Waterfalls Taxi Charges

Car Type4 Hrs /40Km’s in INR8 Hrs / 80Km’s in INR(Mysore) & 10 Hrs / 100 Km’s in INR
Indica 800.001400.001600.00
Toyota Etios1000.001600.002000.00
Chevrolet Tavera 1200.002000.002200.00