Tempo Traveller From Mysore To Wayanad

Tempo Traveller From Mysore To Wayanad

Mysore To Wayanad Tempo Traveller Group Tour

Tempo Traveller From Mysore To Wayanad  is one of the few districts on Kerala That has been able to retain its pristine nature. Hidden away in the hills of this land are some of the oldest tribes. as yet untouched by civilization. And the very first prehistoric engravings in Kerala, discovered in the foothills of Edakkal and around Ambukuthymala bear testimony to a pre historic culture dating back to the Mesolithic Age. Strikingly scenic, it is known for its sub tropical savannahs, picturesque hills stations. sprawling spices plantations, luxuriant forests and rich cultural traditions. A holistic confluence of wilderness. history and culture, Wayanad located on the southern trip of the magnificent Deccan plateau.

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Mysore To Wayanad Car Rate List

Taxi Type Seating 4 Hrs /40Km’s in INR8 Hrs / 80Km’s in INRLocal use(Mysore) & 10 Hrs / 100 Km’s in INRExtra Km’s in INRExtra Hours in INRAllowance per day(Local) in INROutstation rate / 250 Km’s in INRDriver Batta(Out station) in INROut Station Limit
Indica Non A/C
4+1700.001400.001600.007.5080.00100.007.50250.00250 Km’s
Indica A/C
4+1750.001500.001700.008.5080.00100.008.00250.00250 Km’s
Toyota Etios Liva Non A/C4+1750.001500.001700.007.5080.00100.007.50250.00250 Km’s
Toyota Etios Liva A/C4+1850.001600.001750.008.5080.00100.008.50250.00250 Km’s
TATA Indigo
Non A/C
4+1850.001500.001700.009.0080.00100.009.00250.00250 Km’s
TATA Indigo A/C4+1900.001500.001800.009.0080.00100.009.50250.00250 Km’s
Non A/C
4+1850.001500.001700.009.0080.00100.009.00250.00250 Km’s
Logan/Verito A/C4+1900.001500.001800.009.0080.00100.009.50250.00250 Km’s
Indigo Manza Non A/C4+1850.001500.001700.009.0080.00100.009.00250.00250 Km’s
Indigo Manza A/C4+1900.001500.001800.009.0080.00100.009.50250.00250 Km’s
Ford Ikon Non A/C4+1850.001500.001700.009.0080.00100.009.00250.00250 Km’s
Ford Ikon A/C4+1900.001500.001800.009.0080.00100.009.50250.00250 Km’s
Swift D’zire
Non A/C
4+1800.001600.001800.008.5080.00100.008.50250.00250 Km’s
Swift D’zire A/C4+1900.001800.001900.009.5080.00100.0010.00250.00250 Km’s
Toyota Etios
Non A/C
4+1800.001600.001800.008.5080.00100.008.50250.00250 Km’s
Toyota Etios A/C4+1900.001300.001900.009.50
80.00100.0010.00250.00250 Km’s
Renault Scala A/C4+11100.001700.002000.0011.00100.00100.0011.00250.00250 Km’s
Nissan Sunny A/C4+11100.001700.002000.0011.00100.00100.0011.00250.00250 Km’s
Maruti Ciaz A/C4+11100.001700.002000.0011.00100.00100.0011.00250.00250 Km’s
TOYOTA Corolla A/C4+11200.001900.002100.0012.00100.00100.0012.00250.00250 Km’s
Tavera Non A/C9+11800.002000.009.00100.00100.0010.0300.00250 Km’s
Tavera A/C9+11700.001900.0010.00100.00100.0011.00300.00250 Km’s
Mahindra Xylo Non A/C7+12000.0011.00100.00100.0010.50300.00250 Km’s
Mahindra Xylo A/C7+12200.0012.00100.00100.0012.00300.00250 Km’s
Maruti Ertiga A/C7+12200.0012.00100.00100.0012.00300.00250 Km’s
Innova A/C7+12800.0014.00100.00100.0014.00300.00250 Km’s
Innova DLX A/C6+12800.0014.00100.00100.0014.00300.00250 Km’s
Tempo Traveller
Non A/C
12+12850.0013.00150.00150.0014.00350.00300 Km’s
Tempo Traveller A/C12+13100.0015.00150.00150.0016.00350.00300 Km’s
Non A/C
22.00200.00200.0022.00300.00300 Km’s
18+14000.0026.00200.00200.0026.00300.00300 Km’s
Swaraj Mazda Non A/C21+14200.0025.00200.00200.0025.00300.00300 Km’s
Mini Bus Non A/C31+16000.0035.00200.00200.0035.00500.00300 Km’s
Non A/C
36.00300.00300.0042.00500.00300 Km’s
Non A/C
52+19000.0038.00300.00300.0040.00500.00300 Km’s